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We offer to rent a car in Antigua

  • FREE Pick Up and delivery
  • We accept Most major credit cards
  • We are Professional Car Rental Service
  • Professional, courteous service, and reliable vehicles
  • Free mileage
  • Free delivery island wide and Escort service to your hotel.
  • Rental Rates: 
  1. Cars $35 USD per day,
  2. SUVs $40 US per day,
  3. MINI VANs $55 USD per day
  4. GPS $10 US per day
  5. Child Car Seats $5 US per day
  • A temporary drivers permit required for drivers 25yrs and over
  • Collision Damage Waiver 

cars $10 USD per day
SUV $15 USD per day
Minivan $20 USD per day

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    Nice website. How much is the economy car per day in Antigua…


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